ANTIGO, Wis. — The Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) and Gabe Sommers Racing are excited to announce a partnership aimed at landing more Wisconsin potatoes on the plates of home-cooked meals and Sommers’ super late model race car in victory lane.

The WPVGA — a coalition of Wisconsin farmers and affiliated businesses — and the group’s Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes mantra will become a key sponsor of the Gabe Sommers Racing team and debut as the primary hood sponsor of the No. 15 during the Larry Detjens Memorial 125 at State Park Speedway in Wausau, Wis. on Saturday.

“It’s a huge deal because it involves a lot of people and farmers in Wisconsin,” GSR driver Gabe Sommers said. “To be able to represent our farm and other growers and their farms across Wisconsin is a big deal.”

“Being from a farming family, I couldn’t ask for a better sponsor than WPVGA. I couldn’t be happier to promote the Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes message and have them with us for the rest of the season.”

The Sommers family’s deep agricultural ties created a natural fit between Gabe Sommers Racing and the WPVGA’s mission to encourage consumers to eat locally-grown vegetables, specifically Wisconsin potatoes.

“Being able to partner with a group that understands the importance of local agriculture and help us deliver that message while living the lifestyle is huge,” WPVGA Director of Promotion, Communication and Consumer Education Dana Rady said.

“We love being involved in sporting and racing events because potatoes fuel your performance. They’re the perfect food to eat before activity as they provide the energy your body needs, and they’re the perfect food to eat post activity to help your body recover. Even when racing, nutrition and health are vital for success. We’re very excited to be working with Gabe Sommers Racing.”

The GSR/Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes partnership will include exciting future fan giveaways as well as track appearances of the WPVGA’s Spudmobile — the Wisconsin potato industry’s most comprehensive educational and informational resource center, on wheels!

“A lot of people come up and ask, ‘is that vehicle really powered by Wisconsin potatoes?’” Rady said. “It’s funny because potatoes do fuel our performance and while the Spudmobile and race cars might not actually have potatoes in them to make them function, I think the correlation is definitely there because our bodies don’t function properly unless we give them the right fuel.”

Rady encourages race fans and potato lovers to look for Wisconsin Potatoes in their local stores. If you don’t see them, contact your produce manager and ask them to supply Wisconsin Potatoes.

“Wisconsin growers are stewards of mother nature’s resources, they’re stewards of the land and they do everything in their power to provide the highest quality food for families while also making sure the land and resources they utilize today are in top notch condition for future generations,” Rady said.